Nathan Hale Ancient 
Fifes and Drums

Field Music

Made up of the fife, snare drum and bass drum; the field music plays period correct music throughout New England at local parades and annual musters. The field music meets weekly throughout the year to practice and receive lessons to perfect the music of the 18th century.

The uniform of the corps is the regimental uniform of Col. Charles Webb's 19th Regiment of Foot

The regimental coat is "snuff" brown wool with white facings and hand cast pewter buttons, the waistcoat and britches are a buff-colored linen. A black leather stock with a white ruffled shirt, white knit stockings and a military cocked hat along with black buckle shoes finish off the uniform.

Carried by the Color Guard

The Cambridge flag of 1776

The flag of the Connecticut Colony 

The gold regimental colors of Col. Webb's regiment

The corps own colors derived from the Hale family coat-of-arms