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Fifes and Drums

Travel back in time and rediscover the history behind the Patriot's Day holiday and the "shot heard around the world"

Patriot's Day

April 16, 2016

Historic Deerfield MA

Walk through a colonial militia camp and experience the sights, sounds and smells of colonial living. Reenactors will engage you in activities throughout the day. Kids will be invited to participate in colonial games and you will be given a chance to roll musket cartridges or dip candles along with the Deerfield Militia. As you walk through camp the aroma of the campfire will fill the field as the camp women cook lunch for the militia. The sounds of militia men  perfecting the use of their muskets or cannons will echo through the historic village followed by the enjoyable sound of traditional fife and drum music.  Following the alarm from Lexington, the militia will be taking recruits from the public to train in preparation for the march to Boston, giving youth the chance to practice militia drills alongside reenactors.

In addition guides from the Historic Deerfield Village with be offering programs throughout the day, for more information on that click here

Encampment Schedule

Camp Opens
Morning Reveille; Visit an encampment of a militia company 

Artillery Demonstration

Historical Music Concert

Musket Demonstration; Watch the militia fire their Muskets followed by an interactive cartridge rolling demonstration

News from Lexington: A horse and rider arrive bringing the alarm from Lexington! Follow the town crier as he brings the news to the unsuspecting encampment

Lexington Alarm! "To Arms, To Arms! Gage has fired upon the people..." Participate in a parade to engage new recruits. The assembled party returns to camp for training.

Recruit training, and  instructions on the manual of arms.

demonstration of horsemanship skills necessary during 18th century warfare.

 Mourning Muskets followed by Music concert
Pay tribute to the deerfield residents whose lives were lost, Jesse Corliss, a Private from the Deerfield Militia killed at Bunker Hill. This solemn ceremony is then followed by a formal concert of fife and drum music.

From Bonnets to Breeches; Clothing and textiles of the 18th Century

Musket Demonstration, followed by an interactive cartridge rolling demonstration