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Capt. Stephen Buckland's Artillery
Stephen Buckland was a Connecticut resident from the East Hartford area, first commissioned as part of Bigelow's Artillery originally organized on January 23, 1776 with Buckland as a Captain-Lieutenant. Bigelow's Artillery Company was the first artillery company to be formed in Connecticut and was accepted into the continental line where it spent the summer and fall of 1776 in the area of Ticonderoga. On November 9, 1776 Buckland was promoted to Captain and the unit was organized into Colonel Ebenezer Stevens Continental Artillery Battalion. In the fall of 1778 Stevens' battalion of artillery was absorbed into Crane's Regiment after congress set out to reorganize the artillery battalions. During the Revolutionary War, Buckland spent time defending the Hudson River outside New York to prevent the British from having easy access to supplies along the river. The company was also involved in the battles at Saratoga. Buckland was captured by the Brittish and eventually dies on May 7, 1882 onboard the prison ship Jersey. Some of his letters from the prison ship have been saved and can be read at the bottom of the page

Make up of the Artillery Company

Each of the artillery companies in Stevens' Corps, in which Buckland was a Captain of consisted of the following ranks:
1 Captain
1 Captain-Lieutenant
1 First Lieutenant
3 Second Lieutenants
6  Sergeants
6 Corporals
6 Bombardiers
6 Gunners
1 Drummer
1 Fifer
28 Matrosses

In addition to the three artillery companies in Stevens' Corps there was an attached artificer unit which consisted of:
1 Captain
1 Captain of Cartridge Makers
1 Foreman of  Smiths
1 Quartermaster
1 Lieutenant
40 Enlisted mechanics
Buckland's Artillery of Today

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